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Austin Anthem is looking for musicians

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  • Austin Anthem is looking for musicians

    Austin Anthem is looking for musicians who want to be the "Murga" band to play during games:

    Sign-ups are here:


    Join the Austin Anthem Murga, Únete la Murga
    Are you interested in being the sound behind Austin FC? The Austin Anthem Murga would love to hear from you. Fill out this form, and we'll be in contact with you soon!

    What is a Murga?

    Murga is a style of collectively organized music originating from the carnival and street parade cultures of Uruguay and Argentina. Fútbol supporters in Mexico, Argentina, and many other Latin American countries have adopted murga as the rhythm and sound of the Supporters Section at their soccer stadiums.

    Murga is related to other street band styles like Brazilian Samba and New Orleans Second Line in instrumentation and tradition. It is the Pan-American music of the people celebrating community and soccer. Join us!

    Murga is also about creative songwriting, song/chant leading and other creative matchday performances. If you aren't a musician but a writer, artist, or interested in other roles like Capo (songleader) or tifo (design), we welcome your talents!

    *All skill levels welcome*

    The primary instruments of murga are brass and percussion:
    - Trombone
    - Trumpet
    - Mellophone
    - Bass Trombone
    - Snare
    - Bombo
    - Surdo
    - Repique
    * Required